Roleplaying Backstories

Backstories from roleplaying worlds

You may have caught a few video references in my worlds, and if so, it’ll come as no surprise that I’m a bit a geek myself.

Besides video games, I also enjoy playing tabletop RPGs. One of my favorite activities has been creating elaborate and frequently humorous backstories for my characters, or the occasional world. Here a few that may amuse you, each character with his or her own voice.

Kira Lee Seedsdigger 


The Kingdom of Ospo


Other humorous writings

If you’re looking for a little help in grammar, I tend to keep a light tone in my blog posts. If you’re looking for grammar lessons with examples that will make you laugh, try some of these:

Off-the-wall humor has always appealed to me, so I sometimes play around with unusual worlds when I’m in a creative block. They’re not much use in the long run, but they are fun to play in! Here’s the first four pages of the unfinished Dreamworld, and a the opener to the unfinished “Don’t Kick the Kid.Or tag along with the post-apocalyptic world’s craziest grandmother, the once-famed zombie slayer Mary, in “Corporate Zombies.

And, of course, there’s the usual nonsense: Don’t feed the robot! On a page I use when the occasional lyrical mood takes me, a variety of tidbits from when I’m feeling almost poetic. (Opens in a new window.)