In the Broken Powers world, people who have magic are called “Powers.” Each type of magic (or Power) has a different set of capabilities, and Powers are inherited based on genetics. For each Power type, there are 6 different levels of ability, called classes, with 6th class being the weakest and 1st class having the most magic. How a person’s class is determined is based on what they can do.

Magic Types

These links describe what each Power type can do, by class. If you’re reading the book and wondering what the characters are capable of, and what they would be capable of if they were higher in class, you can find out!

Combined list (includes all major Powers)

Capabilities by Power: (Each Power described as a separate post)

concept art for Aaron Leid

More about magic
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How magic interacts with various substances–A glimpse into the technical aspects of how magic affects the physical world, and how various substances affect the spread of magic
Magic Licenses
–learn about the licenses, certifications, and requirements Powers need to use their magic legally
Hit by Unfiltered Magic: The Lost and the Mad–When a person is changed into a Lost, what determines what they will become? What other Lost can they interact with, how do Lost become Mad, and what happens when they do?