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Broken Powers world (Into the Tides)

The first two things every student should know about magic:

1. Either you have a Power, or you don’t. You cannot change or remove yours.

2. Power is as much body as it is mind, but also as much mind as body.

Remedial Powers: Your Basic Guide to Using Your Magic
(Kelly’s textbook)

The Broken Powers world is an alternate Earth where magic has been an essential part of humanity from the beginning of history.

Three years before the beginning of Into the Tides, wild magic poured out from the Gulf of Mexico and swamped most of the American South. Everyone in the area disappeared or morphed into animal-like wraiths, now unable to communicate with people, and no longer fully aware of the surrounding world.

The magic recedes and rises in a regular cycle known as the Tides, with approximately a three-month cycle. During its lowest point, it covers perhaps half the land area as during the highest point. The deep South is perpetually covered, and those who cross into the magic never reappear (at least, not in an identifiable form).

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What’s the author’s fan fiction policy?

Rebekkah wrote her own first long fiction as fan fiction (now long-buried, because, well, it was practice!), and she considers it an excellent learning tool for becoming a better writer. She encourages her fans to try their own hands at writing in her world, with the following stipulations:

  • Fanfics are great practice, but they’re not for sale. Don’t share your fanfic commercially. You can post them on your own site or regular fanfiction sharing sites, but only so long as you obey the rules of the community and do not portray the world as your own original property or creation.
  • Include a disclaimer–it’s just good practice! Disclaimers should appear at the beginning of each shared unit; so if you post by chapter, each chapter should have a disclaimer. If you put 3 chapters on a single webpage together (that is, you can get to all parts of the document by scrolling), I consider it sufficient to include the disclaimer before the first of the three.
  • An example of an acceptable disclaimer: “This world, its characters, and the magics therein are the property of Rebekkah Niles. I do not claim ownership to any of the characters, the world, or the creatures herein. This work is fan fiction and not part of story canon, and will not be used for commercial purposes.”